maandag 30 januari 2012


I was lucky enough to get to visit the Angoulême comic book festival last weekend. It was truly great. Met a lot of cool and talented people, spent too much money on new books.

La sélection officielle:
Chúc súc khóe - Benoît Guillaume
Layers - Florian Huet
Revue de détails - Marie Saur & Nylso
Two little sketchbooks by Elaenor Davis
Les mellons de la colère - Bastien Vivès
Un dinosaure à Montrieul - Andrea Echorn
Entre deux & Dog - Vincent Perriot

And here are some drawings I made during our stay:
The Flemish Literature Fund had a great stand, decorated as a typical Flemish/Belgian café. Friday, Charlotte and me signed our books there.

We stayed at the huge house our future colleagues of the Sint Lukas Brussels rented in Bunzac.

A view from the window, showing about half the houses in Bunzac.

The nice people of Pinceel gave us a ride to the Angoulême and back in their van.

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tek! zei

i'm spotting 1 Brecht and also see you enjoy the finer french music!
good work.

Frederik Van den Stock zei

The feeling of sitting in the backseat on the road to Bretagne with 'Vive La France' Volume I - IV as the soundtrack.

Frederik Van den Stock zei


Frederik Van den Stock zei

En ook respect voor uw Brecht Evens spotting-skills.

Wide Vercnocke zei

Melons de la colère!!!!
topsschetsen ook

tek! zei

ha! ik heb ondertussen ook al erg genoten van Melons de la Colere.