dinsdag 27 september 2011



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EclecticBox zei

Hey! I'm one of the guys you met in Barcelona while drawing around el Raval (not the French one).
Just wanted to say Hi!
Loving every post of your blog... only wish there would be more English translations to fully appreciate the humor.
Any way, hope you had a good time in Barcelona!
By the way, Is it Charlotte Dumortier your traveling partner's link!?!?!


fred zei

Very nice of you to comment. We just made the scans from our drawings in Barcelona (and Valencia) and I will post some of them online soon. We're trying to make a zine about our trip to Spain.

And yes, Charlotte was the other one.

Oh, and I'll send our sketchcrawl drawings to the barcelona blog. It was fun to see a drawing of 'la pareja belga' appearing on it.

EclecticBox zei

It'd be great to see your drawings from Spain!
I'm sure a zine will look fantastic!
It'll be also great to have your drawings on the Barcelona Sketchcrawl's blog!
Looking forward to see them soon, I'll keep watching!
Say hi to Charlotte too!