dinsdag 12 oktober 2021

Chakk'amaq National Wilderness Preserve

Chakk'amaq National Wilderness Preserve, the last true untouched wilderness of our planet is in danger.

Luckily Agusto Langlich, founder & CEO of Morpheus LLC and one of the greatest philantropists in the history of humankind has an idea that will FOREVER disrupt the way you think about conservation.

Augusto Langlich presents: CHAKK'AMAQ - WILDERNESS UNTAMED.

First page of a ten page comic I made for Aline, the beautiful Dutch-Belgian comics magazine.
Lay-out by the very talented Rob Westendorp

Vraag er naar in jouw favoriete stripzaak of neem een abonnement! info@ikbenaline.eu
(Of teken gewoon mee, dat mag ook!)

P.S.: The last years I've mostly been posting updates on instagram, but since it's a horrible medium to post drawings unless they are specificaly designed for it, I will try to put up more of my work on this Jurassic age blogspot. Hope everyone will do the same! 

P.S.S.: Here are some extra panels! Only for blogspot readers! Enjoy!

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